Our site is located in the former armoured barracks in Tapolca, where there are 15 combat vehicles currently. The devices range from World War II to the technology of our day.

We built the replicas of the irreplaceable devices ourselves and in case of such requests, we are ready to build additional copies. Every device is operational. For the transportation of the devices we have an established network of partners and a professional team to operate the combat vehicles.

Our company has a national and international military technology license, too. We were involved in several film shoots, where feedback was always positive.

We maintain a close relationship with national military traditionalist teams, who have authentic equipment and uniforms. If we have aroused your interest, please feel free to contact us!

George Vitárius

Managing director

Tel.: 0036-20/965-5016


A brief list of the films we participated in:

A Nagy Füzet (Le Grand Cahier)

Drága Elza! (Dear Elza!)

April 9th

Argo 2

X Company


The History of Love



We also took part in several commercials, YouTube short films and video clips


Listing and some pictures of our devices in the appendix:

World War II German:

Stoewer R200

Tiger I heavy tank

Hetzer Light tank destroyer

PaK-40 anti-tank gun


World War II Soviet:

SU-76M Self-propelled gun

T-34/76 medium tank

BM-13 “Katyusha” series rocket launcher

BA-64 scout car


Period of the Warsaw Pact and today's era:

T-72 tank

T-59 tank

VT-55 recovery tank

MTLBU APC (4pcs)

Proudly powered by e107 which is released under the terms of the GNU GPL License.