For Companies

In current times every company, small or big enterprise needs to have a unique program for their employees and partners, which will remain memorable for a long time!

This can also make it easier to keep the loyalty of employees and partners to the company. These programmes are suitable for acquiring new partners as well. In addition to tank driving, trip by tank, trying military weapons we can arrange other so-called playful military games in a military environment, which will make the time spent together even more fun.

For elder people, who were soldiers, it is nostalgia, for the young ones, who did not have that obligation, it is new experiences. If required, we provide catering service as well.

We give every customer a unique offer tailored to their needs, the number of participants, budget and other ideas, be it a sole trader or a large multinational company! If we have aroused your interest and you would like to have a good team-building training or a company party full of adventures, please contact us!

George Vitárius

Managing director

Tel.: 0036-20/965-5016


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