Tank driving and trying military weapons!

Surprise someone with an extreme experience of a lifetime!  The celebrated person can be accompanied by friends or family members for free, they can also be a part of the whole program! With us the guest decides, what the package should include!

The program can consist of two tank drives or, alternatively, one can drive a tank and test different military weapons. During the approximately one and a half hour adventure they can get acquainted with these special vehicles and military weapons.

Our current machine park consists of 15 items, including legendary tanks such as the T-34, the T-72 and the Tiger replica! With us the celebrated person doesn't have to decide in advance which vehicle/vehicles they want to drive, they can choose the one that best suits them on the spot, for which we will send a more detailed brochure on request, which contains all the information regarding this extraordinary program!

Only a few clicks and we will send you the printable gift voucher, which you can hand over on the illustrious day and after pre-registration, the gifted person has one year to choose the best time for them! Discount price: 59,990 HUF.

Please send me further information: 

George Vitárius

Managing director

Tel.: 0036-20/965-5016

E-mail: tankberles@gmail.com

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