Tank driving

Big boy’s big toy… as Americans would tell. Let us draw your attention to an interesting facility.

Today’s life is full of stress, characterised by spinning, running grey week-days therefore we think TANK DRIVING could be an adventure for life.

For the present, we can provide four tracked vehicles which are suitable for both armoured car driving and armoured car joy-ride (“Tiger” replication, T59AM-2, MTLBU, BRDM-2, BRDM-2 MALJUTKA, URAL375D). We can be found the former barracks Kinizsi in Tapolca, where you can drive the tanks or you can be passangers. If this area is not suitable for you, we can transport the tanks anywhere.

Several main characteristics of the tank's:

Tiger: : armour thickness: 50-100mmweight: 30 tons motor: V12 diesel - 40.000ccm3motor output: 580 HP (6000Nm!)

MTLBU:armour thickness: 15mmweight: 12 tonsmotor: V8 diesel - 14.670ccm3motor output: 330 HP

T59AM-2:armour thickness: 20-50mmweight: 20 tonsmotor: V12 diesel - 40.000cm3motor output: 580 HP (6000Nm!)



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