Team building training events
Team building training events

We took part in the team building training organised by the Ministry of Economy where we experienced that there is a demand for the cheerful company events similar to the joyful and sportive military drilling held within the framework of a home-defence day which recalls the mood of the eighties. Our company has the proper personal and material conditions necessary for the organisation of such events.   

The program can be organized in the former barracks Kinizsi in Tapolca.Over the driving of the vehicle  it is possible to tour the barrack, and to view the garrison museum, and the  Tapolca war park. As a new the theatrical weapons(blank fire gun) to try as well.

It is also possible for us to transport the listed devices and the colleagues necessary for the arrangement of the military part of the event to another actual location by a given date.  

Possible tasks:

- morning exercise
- formal drilling
- flat creeping below jingle bells
- flat creeping below armoured car + connection of injured transmission line
- target-practice with air-gun
- military pool
- computer shooting
- disassembly and assembly of weapon
- reaching an armoured car within a given time
- fire-trench digging
- grenade throwing
- gun pushing-drawing
- driving an armoured car, gymkhana
- armoured car joy-ride
- tankvezetés

Certainly these are only examples, we are glad to receive any further ideas.

In order to encourage the participants to perform the tasks, we would grant prizes (e.g.: driving an armoured car) or punishment (e.g.: duck walk in gas-mask) through which we would make the “drilling” a real competition.   

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